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Here are a few clothing tips and grooming tips:

For a professional Headshot, a suit or classic office-wear is preferable. Make sure your outfits fit you well and are clean and well pressed. Wrinkles can be a challenge to work around and can ruin a photograph. Consider bringing your outfits to the photo session on hangers after having them professionally laundered. We know it can be difficult to make that final selection so bring a couple of jackets, blouses or outfit choices to your session.

Now let’s look a bit closer at some tips on what to select and what to avoid when choosing what to wear.

To enhance your look: Choose your well-tailored and pressed clothes ....with a crisp neckline ...picking colors that compliment your skin tones.

Avoid: Busy patterns, plaids and bold colors, flashy jewelry, low necklines, and even short sleeves can take the focus away from your face.

If you do want to wear a necklace make sure it does not hang below upper to upper mid-chest. Bring several and we’ll help you decide. For those wearing a tie, a solid color is best. We suggest you bring several different colors, as well as different jackets. Make sure the shirt you choose can be comfortably buttoned at the neck or has a styled neckline.

Be sure not to place yourself in any particular season with your clothing choices. You want your Headshot to work for all seasons. No woolen scarves and leave the bikini at home!

Pay close attention to grooming: hair, teeth, and nails. Schedule your haircut ten days to two weeks prior to the session. Clean and floss your teeth to show off you best smile and have a manicure in case you would like your hands in the photo. Again choose a clear polish so as not to distract.

If you wear glasses normally then wear them for your Headshot. We can photo you both with and without if you like.

We all find it a bit difficult to smile on command. The secret is to smile from within. Think of genuinely happy memories that make you smile from your core. Practice that smile in the mirror. We can photograph you both with teeth showing and lips closed but an open smile tends to be more inviting.

And finally, be well rested!

We are looking forward to working with you!


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